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Light Movers Inside Grow Tents: Maximize Indoor Plant Growth

Improve your indoor gardening experience by learning about using light movers inside grow tents. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of using light movers, also known as light rails or light tracks. And how using a light mover can help you increase plant growth and yield. Light movers make sure that your grow light spreads evenly, reaching all parts of the plants. Helping make your indoor plants healthier and more productive.


Indoor Plant Growth Challenges:

When you grow plants indoors using fixed lighting setups in special grow tents, you may face some difficulties. One common problem is light doesn’t spread evenly or penetrate below the leaf canopy, causing some parts of the plants to receive less light than others. This can lead to uneven growth and a lower amount of plants produced. Additionally, when the light remains in one place without moving, the plants may not get the full spectrum of light they need, which can also harm their growth and quality.

Understanding Light Movers

Light movers are special equipment that helps move your indoor garden lighting. They are designed to move your grow lights back and forth, while mounted on a rail or track system above the plants. Light movers are essentially a mains-powered synchronous, geared motor that keeps your grow lights constantly moving. This helps your plants get a more even distribution of light. Light movers can be adjusted to suit different stages of plant growth and different needs.


Benefits of Light Movers Inside Grow Tents

Using fixed lights in grow tents can cause uneven light distribution, which leads to shaded areas and plants that won’t grow properly. However, by using a light mover, we can solve these problems. Light movers have several advantages, including:

  • Equal distribution of light: Light movers move your grow lights along a rail, making sure that all plants get an even distribution of light. This reduces shaded areas and helps the plants respond and grow more evenly.
  • Better light penetration: Grow lights are suspended on the rail and kept moving, which helps light reach all parts of the plant. It can reach the lower leaves that are usually starved of optimal light conditions. This promotes growth throughout the whole plant.
  • Preventing hotspots: When the lights stay in one place for too long, they can create hotspots. This can overheat the plants and cause leaf burn. By moving the lights, we prevent this problem keeping your plants happy and healthy.
  • Increased yield potential: Light movers optimize the coverage and penetration of light. Meaning the rate of photosynthesis, how plants metabolize nutrients for growth, will increase. As a result plants grow stronger and healthier.



Choosing the Right Light Movers Inside Grow Tents

When you want to choose the right light mover for your grow tent, we have the solution for you. With the ability to customize the installation to meet the needs of your indoor garden/hydroponics setup, no matter how large or small your grow tent. Whether you have a small setup or a large one, our light movers work well with different types of grow lights. And easily fit into any indoor gardening/hydroponics setup. Many satisfied customers have shared their positive feedback, helping us build a strong reputation for quality and customer service, for people searching for efficient light-moving technology.


Tips for Installation and Maintenance of Light Movers Inside Grow Tents

Here are some tips to help you install and maintain a light mover system in your grow tent:


  • Measure and plan: Before you install a light mover, measure how big your grow tent is and plan your layout. Make sure the mover can reach all your plants.
  • Secure it well: Use strong hooks, ratchets, a fixed wooden beam is ideal – or other suitable fixings to attach the light mover to the tent’s ceiling. It needs to be firmly held and well-balanced to avoid damage.
  • Connecting cables and managing power: Make sure you have the right electrical connections to distribute the power needed for the light mover, grow light(s), temperature controller and fans etc. Keep all cables organised and safe so they don’t become tangled or cause unforeseen damage.
  • Choose the right place: Set up the light mover in the middle above your plants so the light can cover all equally. Adjust the height as needed for your specific plants.




  • Check it often: Check the light mover at regular intervals to make sure it’s working properly. Consider if any screws are loose, parts are broken, or if anything looks worn out. Replace anything that’s not working right away.
  • Keep it clean: Dust and dirt can build up on the light mover over time and impair smooth running. Clean the rails, wheels and all other parts with a soft cloth or brush. Be careful not to displace / damage any wires.
  • Adjust if needed: Your light mover may require specific adjustment or calibration to ensure proper function. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, to adjust for correct and safe operation.
  • Be safe: Always follow safety rules when working with electricity. Turn off the power before doing any maintenance to avoid touching any live wires.
  • Have spare parts: It’s a good idea to keep extra parts such as bulbs, wheels, or fixings in case something breaks unexpectedly. This way, you can quickly address any issue without interrupting your growth cycle.




What are the benefits of moving indoor grow lights?

Moving indoor grow lights provides several advantages. It allows for a better quality of light reaching deeper below the plant canopy, resulting in improved growth. The intensity of the grow light system is enhanced, leading to better results from your grow lamps. Additionally, moving the lights enables coverage of about 30% more area, resulting in equipment and utility savings.


Does yield increase in a small indoor hydroponics system when using light movers?

Yes, yields significantly increase when using light movers, regardless of the setting. Light movers, such as those from, are considered an integral part of your indoor growing hydroponics setup. While the number of grow lamps may not be reduced in a small grow tent, using a light mover allows for the use of slightly smaller grow lamps. This can lead to electricity savings and cost reductions in both upfront costs and operation.


Do light movers work well inside grow tents?

Yes, light movers work exceptionally well inside grow tents. The science behind light movers remains the same regardless of your tent size. While the number of grow lamps may not be reduced, using a light mover can result in better performance with a smaller grow lamp. For instance, an LED grow light on a light mover inside a small space performs remarkably well compared to a stationary LED indoor plant light. The focused beam of the LED grow light is more efficient when used with a light mover system.


How does getting the indoor plant light to pass over the tops of the plants make a difference?

Using our light mover is the best way to ensure the intense beam of your indoor grow lights reach all parts of the plants. This maximizes coverage of the installed grow light system inside your grow tent. By moving indoor plant lighting just a few feet or less, significant advantages are achieved. These include better absorption of indoor growing light by more leaves, in contrast to a larger stationary indoor grow light that only beats directly down on the tops of the plants. Thus a moving light promotes faster growth and higher yields in any indoor growing hydroponics system, including small grow tents.


How can light movers be used in smaller grow tents?

Our light movers come with a two piece, two-meter (6’6″) rail, so a DIY hack can be employed for smaller grow tents. The rail can be used in two sections of 3’3″ each, allowing for the use of only half a rail. Using a light mover with half a rail provides the same benefits as someone using a full rail in a larger area. Additionally, the remaining half rail can be used to purchase our motor separately, effectively doubling your indoor growing setup.


Can our Light Mover move any grow light, regardless of size?

Yes, our light movers can move your grow light system, large or small. Specifically when used with our additional six wheel trolleys. The science behind light movers remains the same for small, medium, or large grow light systems. When properly installed according to the manufacturer instructions – using the correct load-carrying components, varying size grow light systems can be achieved.




Adding light movers to your indoor garden setup in grow tents can improve plant growth. Light movers allow light to spread more evenly, helping light to penetrate deeper into your plants, while reducing hotspots. This has many advantages, including healthier, higher yielding plants. If you use a light mover system in your grow tent, you will see amazing results from your indoor gardening. If you are interested in adding one or more Light Movers to your grow tent, explore our line of quality UK manufactured light movers and start reaping the rewards today!

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