Light Mover – Six Wheel Trolley

Light Mover - Six Wheel Trolley

Hydroponics Grow Light Mover Heavy Duty Trolley.
Light mover trolley Specifically created for indoor growing equipment. Our very sturdy trolley serves multiple purposes in optimizing plant growth. Simplify your indoor growing setup with our reliable and innovative light rail trolley

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Hydroponics Grow Light Mover Heavy Duty Trolley. Made in England. EU-CE Compliant.
Easily upgrade your Light Mover setup and take the strain off your motor when adding extra lights, especially with heavier grow lights. – for a long-term performance benefit.

Using additional trolleys to carry air ducting and cables is a great way to ensure all pipework is supported correctly and able to move freely with your light mover motor.

The only six wheel ‘heavy duty’ light mover trolley on the market. Complete with long-life stainless steel bearings. A UK made product, capable of handling a wide range of heavier grow lights.

Join the many growers already using the latest light moving tech to support Your indoor growing experience.

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Full Light Mover Kit. Complete with 2.2 metre aluminium rail and magnetic rail end sensors.
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Light Mover Spare Motor
For expanding your Light Mover Grow Light System. Combine with our Heavy-duty Six wheel trolleys.
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Light Mover Six Wheel Trolley
Easily upgrade your Light Mover setup and take the strain off your motor - for long-term performance.
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Light Mover Extension Rail
Aluminium Rail Extension for adding additional grow lights to your Light Mover kit.
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